Use our UniFi WiFi network to patch in some CCTV security or we can install a standalone CCTV system.  Get high-quality / low-latency video with up to 1080p* support. View live feeds in a single or customizable, multi-camera format.  With the available free software, expand across different networks with any number of devices and manage them under a single user interface. UniFi® Video allows you to grant access rights and restrictions to different users or user groups for your cameras and camera functionality. UniFi® Video’s user interface was designed to be easy to use yet packed with advanced features such as detailed statistical reporting, advanced analytics and customizable event recordings.  Quickly assess important camera activity and NVR performance with easy-to-read data visualizations.  UniFi Video gives you a variety of options and settings to customize what your cameras record. Zones can be defined to detect motion in important areas while ignoring less important areas.  Whatever your needs, our CCTV installations can cater for you.

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* 1080p / 720p support depends on the model of camera installed.