At f8 Solutions we know how essential those phones are for your business, but do you know how much they can do for you?  Install a VoIP system and not only will you save money, but you have amazing power over your number, or numbers, you can have as many as you like! And if you are based in a fibre broadband area your phones can cope with over 100 concurrent calls!  Never miss an important call again or lose a sale to a competitor.


Our phone systems run Asterisk based software which has been used in over a million installations worldwide. As well as handling VOIP, our systems can be used with traditional analogue PSTN lines and or all types of digital ISDN lines. The Asterisk software at the heart of the phone system is enabled with features such as voicemail, music on hold, ring groups, hunt groups, call queues and menu systems.

Sticking with analogue? We can still help.  f8 Solutions can provide you with a very competitive telephone service including all the features you rely on.

f8 Solutions can provide and support all your office needs, from telephone and broadband supply, leased lines, cabling, VoIP, phones, to computers, software and support.

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