The rise of globalisation has led to an increased demand for connectivity services, with many businesses needing to communicate regularly with both clients and employees based internationally.  Many of us work from home now or travel regularly for business.  We are using things like voice and video conferencing more and more because our employees and clients are global.  Customers now also expect to contact companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whilst on the move via email, chat or messaging.

With increasing business demands accelerating, the need to converge voice, data and video onto a unified communications network is becoming all the more important. Businesses will need to evolve their strategies in order to support employees in accessing new technologies in an efficient and secure way.  A business today is only as strong as its ability to function and communicate. We are so reliant on technology it is important to protect our connectivity or lose out to another business who has.


In conjunction with our business connectivity partner we provide a range of business class access solutions from broadband services to business grade Ethernet and converged multi-site IP VPN solutions. Whether you need a reliable Internet connection for a single site or want to link hundreds of sites, we will design a tailored solution to meet your needs.  We can offer the latest in high speed ADSL2+ broadband internet access, Fibre To The Cabinet, Ethernet First Mile, to more sophisticated Leased Line, MPLS and IP VPN solutions.

Leased Lines

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