We Offer a Wide

Variety of IT Support Services

All businesses whether Small, Medium or Large have some form of technology in which they use to carry out their daily tasks. Technology is fantastic when everything is going great but when something breaks it leaves a lot of unsupported clients scratching their heads. F8 solutions can take the burden off of unsuspected hardware and software failures leaving the stress of technology in the hands of professional experts. With 24/7 monitoring services and a knowledgeable team of engineers we can assure that your systems will be kept up and running for as long as your business needs them to be.

IT Support

Support for all staff and their IT devices. Use us as your IT helpdesk to resolve any technical issue. The majority of user support we provide is performed remotely, with on-site assistance required as needed.

Protection for Desktop, Mobile & Servers

Not only are backup solutions top priority and a necessity in any business so is Antivirus protection alongside sitting behind a reliable firewall to protect your business from all those unwanted threats which are flying over the internet. We are confident in using ESET Antivirus and a mixture of Synology and Ubiquiti equipment to keep all your business as secure as possible.

Server Support

We Cover any issues relating to your server infrastructure. Ensuring your critical services and applications are running to the best of their ability. Combined with our monitoring services, issues can be detected and resolved before they turn into bigger, company-wide issues that could cause a loss of service.

Managed Business Comms

We have looked into many VOIP Systems over the years and have found that 3CX is one of the best and easiest to use. As a Gold Partner we are proud to use 3CX for all our telephony needs. 3CX is one of the World's leading software-based Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems. 3CX allows you to harness the latest SIP & VoIP technologies and break free from the traditionally more expensive PBX systems, analogue and ISDN, making great cost savings of up to 80% in the process. You can also make and receive calls from your PC or mobile device using 3CX Apps.

Backup & Storage

We Offer a choice of backup solutions to suit your business needs. From on-premises backup solutions to offsite storage solutions. Whatever you need we can find a solution for you. Losing your data is time consuming and frustrating when things go wrong, we can't stress enough that it is so important for both home and businesses users to back up their important information.

Microsoft Cloud Computing

Bringing your services onto the cloud can result in essential cost-savings and efficiencies. As both a Microsoft partner and Cloud Solution Provider. We can help you transition and migrate your services into the cloud with ease.