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Cloud Services

Localcloud by f8 Solutions.   The best of both worlds, allowing you to have your cake and eat it. We do not sub these services out and therefore maintain a much fuller control to keep data more secure and provide faster customisation and reduced down time. The remote access benefits of cloud with the convenience of your data still being held locally. We like our customers to know where their data is and who has access to it, that's why we host our own cloud services on...
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f8 Solutions About Us

f8 Solutions is a small, friendly and fully independent I.T. Consultancy based in Bournemouth. Our client base includes many SMB type organisations that don’t have their own ‘in house’ I.T. staff, and therefore need a more managed I.T. service. These clients benefit from our service options such as remote dial in diagnostic and support facilities to assist with day to day I.T. related problems and issues. We also have great experience in repairing hardware, providing this service at the highly competitive prices. Formed in...
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