IT Support with Remote Monitoring & Management

Our aim at f8 Solutions is to be the one place you go to for all your IT needs.  We want to take the hassle away from you.  As part of our support service, we install our remote monitoring and management system which alerts us in advance to any issues, whether hardware or software, at each endpoint.  This is all done without any disruption to the users.  Your users can also create instant tickets when they identify any problems.  Any issues can be dealt with swiftly within the remote support software.  Usually we can identify and resolve problems before you even know it’s a problem, saving you potentially many man hours of down time.  We can install and uninstall software remotely and apply updates out of hours so as not to slow down or disrupt service.  We support PCs, laptops, servers, phone systems, back up and data storage.  We can even support mobile phones!

Our support package is unique to you and totally flexible.

Call us on 01202 901530 to find out more.

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