Network Cabling

Cabling forms the basis of any computer network and at f8 Solutions we use CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT7 structured network cabling to create solid I.T. foundations. Network cabling is required not only to connect multiple PCs, servers and printers, but can also be used to connect telephones and security cameras, as well as control systems and alarms.

Prices depend on the number of network points required, but start from £35 per outlet + VAT. An on-site survey will be required as the length of cable required and the quantity of other materials will need to be taken into account. We can also supply and install data cabinets, network switches and server racks.

Cat5e Structured Cabling Picture


We only use branded cable and outlets from reputable suppliers in order to ensure the best performance and quality.

The market has seen a huge influx of cheap cable recently. This cable tends to have an aluminum core that is copper coated instead of a solid copper core and should not be used. The end result is a very poor performing cable that will cause problems once your PCs phones and other network devices are connected. For peace of mind that your cabling has been installed correctly using the appropriate grade of materials contact f8 Solutions on 01202 901530.

We boast over 20 years combined business IT, CAT5e/CAT6 cabling and business telephony experience, and are able to supply glowing references from successful local businesses that have used us for cabling, IT and telephony installations and support for many years.


Please contact us on 01202 901530 to arrange a free no obligation site survey.

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