Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)

A Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) solution enables companies to connect all of their trading or homeworker locations using broadband or Ethernet connectivity services, without needing to manage individual VPNs at each site.

f8 Solutions can deliver a business-grade, end-to-end connection from your premises to our fully redundant MPLS core network with leading edge Internet gateways, security and reliability.

Traffic between each customer location never crosses the public internet, providing a secure, managed solution, ensuring that high quality and sustainable performance is achieved for a multitude of business critical applications, including data transfer, e-commerce and point of sale transactions, video surveillance and Voice over IP.


Benefits of PWAN

  • You only buy the connectivity required to meet your demands.
  • Peace of mind that your infrastructure is being managed over an enterprise grade, resilient network.
  • You free up key resources of IT personnel, space, power and management time with an outsourced solution.
  • Connectivity via our network reduces the cost of individual site-to-site links and the need for separate firewall management at each location.
  • You can integrate mobile end points seamlessly through our unique 3G private APN.

What’s included in a PWAN solution?

Whether at home or abroad, each PWAN site will require connectivity into our network (using ADSL, EFM, Ethernet etc.) along with the hardware relevant to the specific bandwidth and service requirements

We provide a range of additional services associated with PWANs including colocation, data backup, advanced network monitoring, secure mobile WAN access and any associated professional services.  Please contact us for more information.