VOIP Benefits

Number portability
Keep your current phone numbers even if you move office. Add further numbers with any local code you like at any time.*
Automatically re-route calls in the event of an emergency or disaster, providing complete business continuity.
Introduce new users and services to suit the changing dynamics of your business.
Administration & monitoring
Allocate single virtual numbers to flexible workers and remote employees, so that they appear as if they are sitting in the office.
CTI/CRM integration
Integrate your PC, phone and many leading CRM applications for enhanced customer contact management.
Presence status
See the status of your telephone users in real-time. Are they on the phone or available? Staff can set their status to DND, available, out of the office or in a meeting.
Call & line costs
VOIP will give you the ability to make free calls between users and sites, dramatically reducing call costs. A VOIP trunk will save you up to 80% on line rental costs.

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