The way we use Wi-Fi these days has changed dramatically.  Needed for work solutions, provision for customers and clients as well as being a marketing and security tool.  The systems of today provide much more than internet access.

We utilise the Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi system, as we have found this to be a competitively priced product range which has all of the features of its more expensive counterparts.  These high performance Unifi products are completely scalable and adaptable and allow the user to access their network from anywhere in the world.

Ubiquiti’s UniFi has been developed with the user in mind and is simple to useOn-site training can be provided once the system is up and running depending on the needs and uses of the technology.  Unlike other companies the software and upgrades to run the system are provided free of charge.  And the units look good too.  Their sleek design blends into any background and would not look out of place in a home, office or anywhere.  A UniFi system increases capacity and throughput in high-density areas.

You can run one or countless access points from one location.  These can be permanent or temporary, inside or outside and can operate at a very long range.  They are high density, low latency, and offer high up-time performance.  These systems can be added to and adapted over time, growing with you and technological advances.

We can support any industry; office, retail, care, hospitality, leisure; with an affordable option.


We will come and assess your site needs individually.  Working out how you need to use the product and what space it needs to cover is paramount to the installation.  The survey can even just trouble shoot existing networks, maybe with problem areas, and provide a solution to patch it all together.


A lot of work goes into providing you with the best and most affordable option, whilst also allowing for later adaptation.


Our engineers will disrupt the workplace as little as possible, utilising existing cabling routes and cupboards and hiding away cables as much as they can so that all you see is the sleek dome of the access point.  Being able to use the normal range, long range and outdoor access points means that the installation will be streamlined to your environment ensuring you have excellent seamless coverage throughout the building. All of this is linked up to the technical end in a cabinet, making it easy for maintenance.


We can set up your software to suit you personally too.  Keeping the main Wi-Fi for business use we can set up access for guests or customers with limited bandwidth and/or data usage, so that their use does not impact on yours.  This can be a free service or the software will enable you to charge for time usage.  Along with this you can promote your business with social login. Ie Facebook, or marketing access for the use of your Wi-Fi.


Even if you choose to manage your own systems, which is easy to do with this interface, we will keep in touch to make sure everything is running ok or to see if there is any tweaking needed.  With the Wi-Fi sorted we can help you with other areas such as hardware, CCTV, phone systems and broadband services as well as automatic cloud back up.  Our company specialises in remote business support, meaning we really can offer you the full package of business solutions.