The ‘bring your own device’ trend means the number of smartphones and tablets being used in the workplace will only rise. Many of these devices are Wi-Fi only putting a strain on existing Wi-Fi networks. When planning an overhaul of your Wi-Fi it is important to take several factors into consideration or it could be costly to replace later down the line.


Why business grade Wi-Fi?

There’s a big disparity between the costs of consumer access points (AP) with business-centric models.  Opting for cheaper access points may cost you in the long term.  Unlike consumer models, aimed at just a few devices, business APs are designed for 24/7 rock solid, performance from multiple connections.  They also come with all the added benefits of security, manageability and remote options, purpose made to be adaptable as your business expands.

How many Access Points?

Obviously a big part of the cost is the number of access points.  Too many is as bad as too few however as they more cause more interference from each other.  Because we use UniFi access points that have a very long range and high capacity, it means that you don’t lose signal throughout but also means that the cost is a lot less.  Careful planning and design will give you plenty of coverage while taking into account the density of users.


The management and the security of the Wi-Fi network is crucial for a business.  Trying to configure multiple APs individually is not only inefficient, it’s prone to errors.  Unifi’s management system means you can easily configure your network from any location.  Adding security features and manageability into the system also means that possible threats and/or problems can be easily spotted.

Another important benefit of the business APs is the support for multiple Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). Having multiple SSID’s means that you can configure secure or open access, set a different SSID for printers or CCTV.  Keep management and staff separate. Create a guest id.  All of which can be configured to take up more or less of the speed.


Using the Power over Ethernet (PoE) cabling for data and power, we have no need for separate electrical outputs for each AP, saving on cost.  We aim to run all our cables through suspended ceilings or roof spaces as well, minimising the appearance of extra wires.  The sleek access points are unobtrusive in an office environment.  All the wiring diverts back to the server room and network switches can be used if the building is over several floors.  PoE allows for the use of uninterrupted power supply to protect from power outages.


Although not a deciding factor when choosing an AP system, the controller can play a big part of the system.  The UniFi® Controller can be accessed through any device using a web browser and can manage multiple sites.  The UniFi® Controller enables the administrator to instantly provision and configure thousands of UniFi APs, allowing for quick, simple management of system traffic.  Help keep track and control access of specific users and/or guests connected to your network.

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