f8 Solutions has significant expertise in this sector installing wi-fi.  With the care industry getting more and more technologically advanced and more people using technology, companies are struggling to keep up with the demand on their current provision.

The UniFi technology we use means that the business can run efficiently, but the guest and their friends and family can use the Wi-Fi for their personal use, without it effecting the speed required for the business and without you having to worry about people accessing sensitive information.  You can even charge guests or use the platform to link in to social media.  With no data drop out across the site you can be sure that staff can move around efficiently.  Link into CCTV and all of this can be monitored remotely.

Apart from the business side of the benefits of a great Wi-Fi installation, the residents will enjoy the connectivity, enabling them to keep in touch with family and friends better and providing another form of entertainment.

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We treat each installation individually.  No two buildings are the same.  Whether it’s a complete new installation, or to help out with troublesome areas, we can help.  A sympathetic survey, design and installation is completed, all the while keeping in mind the guests and the busy day to day running of the site. Training can also be provided after, but the systems are very easy to utilise.

We can provide you with everything you need to get up to date with technology; PA systems, telephone systems, computer software and hardware, phone lines, CCTV and remote support.

Please contact us to find out how we can support you.