We can provide you with a seamless Wi-Fi connection for you and your guests without compromising your speeds or security for your business.  Guests expect high quality connectivity these days and it even determines their choice when booking.  It needn’t cost you a lot of money though, and it could even be a nice little money earner!  Using UniFi’s billing integration with Paypal and voucher-based authentication, you can charge customers for all, or some of their Wi-Fi use, and/or limit time or data.  All options are easy for you to do on site and changeable whenever you want.  All whilst keeping your business data safe from view.

Using Social Wi-Fi also gives you an extra marketing tool.  Keep in touch with all your visitors and let them know what is going on, or tell them about special offers to get them back or even promote events or facilities whilst they are staying with you.  Getting more likes on social media will also get you many new customers, and Facebook has many marketing tools within it that you can then utilise.  UniFi’s real-time statistics track performance, clients, traffic and current usage. UniFi® makes it easy to view and set up email delivery of alerts and recent event notifications on your network. Get alerts for important events and keep track of specific users and guests.  All of this is an extremely valuable data collection source.

Survey, Design, Installation, Optimisation

A sympathetic survey, design and installation is completed, all the while keeping in mind the guests and the busy day to day running of the site.   When surveying for the installation we will design the installation to minimise any impact on guests, keeping out of guests rooms as much as possible.  The system we use is perfect for this, with it’s long range access points.  It’s sleek and modern looking but is not at all invasive.  We aim to have nothing on view but the access point itself.  We pride ourselves on our ability to hide away all the cabling involved in the installation.

We treat each installation individually.  No two sites are the same.  Whether it’s a complete new installation or to help out with troublesome areas, we can help.  Training can also be provided after, but the systems are very easy to use.

We can also install CCTV cameras from the same system to make your business more manageable and secure remotely.  f8 Solutions can provide you with everything you need to get up to date with technology; telephone systems, broadband, CCTV and remote support.

Please contact us and we will tell you how easily and cheaply we can get you connected.