The technology

Although channels 1, 6 and 11 of the 2.4 GHz operating band shouldn’t overlap, there is cross-channel interference that affects receiver performance, especially in noisy, high-density environments. For example, a typical access point (AP) operating on channel 6 also hears radio frequency (RF) from channels 1 and 11, because the typical AP has a generic filter that only filters out any non-2.4 GHz interference – all 2.4 GHz frequencies are still allowed in.  Ubiquiti’s Multi-Lane®RF technology isolates signals on the operating channel and rejects interference using specialized circuitry.


When the UniFi® AP-Outdoor+ operates on the selected channel, its Multi-Lane®RF technology specifically eliminates the other channel frequencies, creating a clean spectrum with minimal noise.  Multi-Lane®RF technology adds 30+ dB of adjacent channel rejection through the active filter design, so the UniFi® AP Outdoor+ can achieve up to double or triple the performance of a typical AP in a high-density environment.

wireless management

The software

The UniFi® Controller can be accessed through any device using a web browser and can manage multiple sites.  The UniFi® Controller enables the administrator to instantly provision and configure thousands of UniFi APs, allowing for quick, simple management of system traffic.  Help keep track and control access of specific users and/or guests connected to your network.

Easy customization and advanced options for Guest Portals include authentication, Hotspot setup options and the ability to run as an external portal server. Take advantage of UniFi’s rate limiting for your Guest Portal and Hotspot package offerings.  Apply different bandwidth rates (download/upload), limit total data usage and limit duration of use — all with billing integration and voucher-based authentication.  Upload custom maps or use Google Maps for a visual representation of your wireless network.  Take advantage of WLAN groups for flexible configuration of large deployments and enable wireless connection between APs to extend range.  Real-time statistics track performance, number of clients, traffic and current usage. Use the configurable reporting and analytics to manage large user populations and expedite troubleshooting. UniFi® makes it easy to view and set up email delivery of alerts and recent event notifications on your network(s). Get alerts for important events and keep track of specific users and guests. With L3 manageability, the UniFi® Controller software can be run on a different subnet than the UniFi APs it manages, allowing “no-touch” AP provisioning.